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a generation

of youth storytellers.

We are sacrificing the potential of a generation to violent extremism. Story, branding, and propaganda have all been weaponized to attract and indoctrinate youth through carefully created campaigns that pervert a desire for meaning and significance. 


Current soft power efforts to counter these coordinated campaigns have focused on top-down, censorship driven approaches, and have struggled to resonate and change behavior.  

A new innovative approach is needed. 

co-opt interactive campaigns

produce youth-centric content

equip youth leaders

We produce multi-channel campaigns that are locally relevant, emotionally resonant and built to scale.

The roots of violent extremism must be severed by a new, more compelling proposition for its future recruits, one that's established and reinforced peer-to-peer, denormalizes radical behavior, and socially inoculates youth.  We pair creative expertise with at-risk youth leaders to co-create locally resonant solutions, launch campaigns that disrupt extremist recruitment and develop a network of inoculated youth actors. 

XYZ Story Academy

The XYZ Story Academy is an immersive program connecting at risk youths with world class creative expertise to co-create compelling multi-channel narratives, interventions and campaigns that counter violent extremism. 

Hellen|Herald Media

Hellen|Herald Media is a multidisciplinary production house that envisions and deploys multi-channel campaigns that drive youth culture. 

Digital Co-Creation Platform

The Digital Co-Creation Platform is an opensource UGC community engagement application.   

theory of change


  1. Harness the power of the voice of youth, their connectedness to each other and their intuitive understanding of the cultural undercurrent and opportunities for intervention.

  2. Surface local insights and equip youth with the tool of story.

  3. Support youth with world-class creative talent to enable them to better share their stories. Louder. 

  4. Create systems and structures that facilitate the local creation of a louder, alternative campaign and solutions that are globally scalable through similar communities of youth in other locales.

Engagement in H|H campaigns will positively affect:

  1. Attitudes, beliefs and overall perception of extremist groups and behavior, and behavioral intent to participate. 

  2. Individual sense of self-agency and increase experience of free-will with the perception that personal outcomes are self-generated and sense of self efficacy, joy of achievement, motivation, and the intrinsic motivation to have a positive influence on the world.

  3. Informed civic engagement.

Hellen|Herald is sponsored by Creative Visions Foundation, a publicly supported 501(c)3, which supports creative activists who use the power of media and the arts to affect positive change in the world. All donations are tax deductible.

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